[Perfumery and Cosmetic Marketing] The 6 best sales strategies for your perfumery online

Do you own an online perfumery?

You will therefore be delighted to learn that the market for this type of online business is growing rapidly. More and more perfumes and cosmetics are being sold through online shops.

For you, this means a lot of competition.

There is only one thing you can do to stand out from the crowd and attract customers: establish a good online marketing strategy for your shop.

Today’s article presents the marketing strategies that work best in the online perfumery and cosmetics industry in 2020. All the keys to make your online business stand out in the market.

Let’s go !


👉 Why should you have an online shop window of your perfumery or cosmetics store?

According to the IAB Spain 2018 study, online fragrance sales increased by 35% compared to last year. An impressive figure, isn’t it?

So it’s not surprising that more and more people are entering the digital market for the sale of perfumes and cosmetics. However, if you really want to succeed in this sector, you should ask yourself the following questions before you start:

  • What does an online buyer of perfumes, makeup or cream need?
  • Why would he choose you over his neighborhood perfume store?
  • What more can you offer him compared to others?

There are no simple answers to these questions, but we can tell you that online customers are always looking for :

  • Economy: Online cosmetics shops offer products up to 70% cheaper than those in a physical shop (and moreover, it is possible to compare prices in different online shops).
  • The practical side: the ease of searching among several categories without any time limit as it is the case in a traditional shop, with the added advantage of home delivery, which sometimes arrives in only 24 hours.
  • More complete information: in addition to being able to access the characteristics of each product, the online store offers the possibility of consulting the opinions of other buyers, as well as product reviews and notes, which help the customer make the final purchase decision.

These are the three fundamental pillars that your online cosmetics store must offer, but the problem is that you should not simply limit yourself to fulfilling these three conditions (this is only the starting point).

You need to apply different marketing strategies to your perfumery in order to stand out from your competitors and attract more customers, so take note of the following.

✅ 1. focus on your product features

For example, in the case of perfumes, they are generally chosen for what they represent rather than for their olfactory characteristics.

Your customer will buy one perfume or another according to the sensations they transmit to him. Since he cannot smell it, he takes into consideration the most important characteristics of the product.

That’s why you must write your product sheets taking into account 2 variables:

  • The characteristics that describe the scent to the customer: the notes of each perfume, the ingredients that make it up, where it is made, etc.
  • The emotions and sensations it transmits: seduction, elegance, power, rebellion, magnetism, etc.

This will give the customer an idea of the perfume he needs. This also applies to creams and make-up.

✅ 2. use a search engine that makes it easier for your customers to buy

In any physical perfumery, the customer will go directly to a salesperson to ask for information about a particular fragrance.

Most cosmetic buyers are looking for a particular brand or fragrance.

By the way, the TOP 3 of the most sought-after brands is :

  • Chanel
  • Guerlain
  • Dior

By using Doofinder (our professional search engine), the customer only has to enter the name of the brand or perfume he is looking for to get it automatically :

  • Products: with images of all the fragrances of this brand.
  • Categories: where he can add a filter by price.
  • Offers: if they are activated for this product or category.

You speak the same language as your clients?

You’re going to think it’s silly, but it’s really not.

Imagine that someone comes into your shop and enters “eye shadow” in the search engine. But despite the fact that you sell a lot of them, there are no results.

What’s going on?

The problem is that this product is placed in the “eye shadow” category.

That’s why a normal search engine won’t find it. Some people also call it an eye palette (another term your search engine wouldn’t detect).

And it’s not the only product in this situation, also think about mascara, also called rimmel or eye pencil, also known as eyeliner.

On the other hand, a search engine like Doofinder allows you to enter several synonyms for each product without having to change all the descriptions of your items.

✅ 3. Use testimonials from satisfied customers

We all know that the choice of this type of item is very subjective and that it is also very difficult to explain the olfactory characteristics of a perfume or the qualities of a lipstick.

In that case, what can you do?

Give great importance to social proof on your online perfumery.

In marketing, social proof is based on providing the user with clear evidence that his buying decision is supported by the opinion of other customers like him.

In concrete terms, this means that publishing on your website the opinions of other customers about your products can influence the purchasing decision of new customers.

✅ 4.Create a YouTube channel

Video content is the king of the Internet, and the king of online video is YouTube. A video on YouTube is really powerful for your clients.

YouTubeis decisive for 47% of purchases in the perfumes and cosmetics sector.according to Expansión.com’s research.

Having a channel on which you offer quality content to your potential customers is the best way to generate commitment (customer loyalty) and thus attract qualified traffic that will translate into sales.

You can publish beauty tips or any type of content on a theme related to the sector and your online business articles.

Additional tip: You can also engage influencers as part of your marketing strategy on YouTube.

✅ 5. organise competitions on social networks

As you know, social networks are an excellent channel for all businesses to communicate with the public, especially those with an online presence.

So you need to be in control of your networks and strengthen your brand by creating a community of subscribers around these accounts.

Contests or sweepstakes are an easy way to get subscribers and generate traffic to your online store.

To organize them, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Define the objective of the contest: it can be to raise awareness of perfumery or to generate traffic on online commerce.
  • Segment correctly: the draw audience must be the same as the perfumery’s audience, so that they can become a customer.
  • Choose the reward carefully: as a general rule, it’s a perfume or a make-up item (because that’s your sector), but not necessarily. It has to be something attractive for your buyer persona (otherwise he won’t enter the contest).
  • Explain how to register: your client must understand how they can participate. Don’t make it harder, what works best is something like: “to enter, leave aLike” on our Facebook page and comment on which fragrance best represents you”.

Thanks to this simple action, you will make yourself known to many customers, who will now follow you on social networks.

✅ 6. Offer discounts

Who doesn’t like discounts?

Discounts are very powerful weapons to build loyalty with your buyers, but don’t offer them like that, do it with a clear objective:

  • Discount following the subscription on your page: to get their e-mail (and include it in your e-mail marketing strategy).
  • Discount after a purchase: that you can apply to the next purchase (and thus build customer loyalty).
  • Discount following the publication of a testimony or a note: to increase your social proof (in order to obtain new buyers).

On the other hand, the discounts you offer must be profitable for you (pay attention to the profit margin).

✅ 7.Specialize on a concrete target

Important: if you want your online business to thrive, you need to specialize.

Many entrepreneurs who launch their projects are obsessed with one goal: “selling to everyone”. In reality, it’s like crushing a fly with a sledgehammer.

Without a concrete and specific audience, it is impossible to establish a strategy that works. If you try to satisfy people with different tastes and criteria, you will end up satisfying no one.

But if you focus on a specific niche, you will find it much easier to get to know your buyer persona (ideal customer) and meet his or her needs.

Here are some examples of specific niches:

  • Perfumes for men or women.
  • Ecological make-up not tested on animals.
  • Generic perfumes.
  • High-end cosmetic products.

Find the niche that interests you most and study its profitability (and the competition). Focus all your efforts on this niche and don’t try to sell to everyone, you will see an improvement in your results ;).

The marketing behind luxury perfumes: What justifies the price?

First of all, you should know that there are different kinds of perfumes, fragrances. A so-called “luxury” perfume is composed of eaux de parfums or extracts. The world’s best-selling luxury perfume is… The N°5 of Chanel! This timeless scent has survived the years thanks to a brand and product image that is always up to date and modern.

Who doesn’t remember Marilyn Monroe’s mythical phrase that she only wore a few drops of Chanel N°5 to sleep.

What’s behind the price?

Nowadays, the average price of a top brand perfume is 100 €. However, in the minds of consumers this price justifies the quality of the product and the name of the brand. Let’s take a look at what’s really behind a perfume costing 100 € (incl. VAT).

1%: The concentrate of perfume essence. Yes yes, you read that right. However, the liquid is composed of a tiny percentage of perfume essence concentrate, the rest being alcohol and water.

4%: Packaging. The bottle will serve as a support for the brand and must be consistent with the spirit of the brand. The important thing is to express the fragrance through its image, its elegance.

15%: The margin that the brand makes on each fragrance.

25%: Communication. Packaging design is useless if the consumer doesn’t hear about the perfume. This budget can very quickly see the amount of communication increase if it calls on celebrities to be the muse of the perfume.

35%: Distribution fees. That is to say the distribution of the perfumes from its place of production to the different points of sale (perfumeries…).

19.6 % : VAT.

Price is an important element in the prestige of a perfume. However, if one thinks that one is buying an expensive perfume because the materials will necessarily be of quality, it is false. In reality, the price of perfume is an artificial construction, which is only justified by the need to reflect an image of luxury, and costs external to the product.

How about you buy a picture more than a scent?

The second budget for a brand is indeed advertising and marketing. Luxury brands sell a dream, a utopian image before selling a scent. No less than 400 new fragrances come out in the world every year! Consumers are considered to be real zappers. In search of new scents, new packaging and, of course, new ads. Over-consumption also affects the world of luxury. Despite a strong crisis in the advertising budget, luxury houses are once again investing massively in quality short films.

These ads are viewed thanks to celebrities, the brand’s ambassadors. The more its stars are known worldwide, the more legitimacy the brand will have as a luxury brand. It is important that the star represents the spirit of the brand, brings elegance to avoid any bad image.

The budget can be very large. But behind the image, the brand is looking for identification. Once in the store, consumers will remember the celebrity and judge it by their appreciation of that star.

Several examples can be given:

  1. The house of Dior called on Nathalie Portman, who represented the perfume Miss Dior with a 3-year, $28-million contract.
  2. Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme pocketed $12 million for 3 years.
  3. As for Brad Pitt, Chanel paid him 7 million dollars for a TV spot!

The psychological process of the consumer and the advertising influence

For luxury brands, a new fragrance launch is an investment. To make no mistake, brands will try to understand the consumer’s choice process and motivations for buying in order to influence them.

There are two types of purchasing processes:

  1. The first process corresponds to the purchase WITHOUT olfactory contact. This act of purchase was influenced upstream by advertising! One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is neuropsychological in nature. It has probably already happened to you that a perfume makes you think of memories, a scene or even sometimes a person in your entourage. Mental images play an important role in the buying behavior of a perfume. It will flatter the pre-existing psychological motivation of the individual.
  2. The second process takes place directly in the store. The consumer, which means you, will be able to see the bottle and smell the fragrance. Sometimes you don’t even have to go to the store, olfactory samples can be found in women’s magazines.

A study has shown that the higher the price of a perfume, the better the sales. For consumers, price means assured quality. You now know that for luxury brands, the final price is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, but more often an effort to differentiate through marketing and communication.